a b o u t

' my works originate from exploring how the visible relates to the unvisible . by simultaneously observing the outer and inner world . understanding that photography is a window as well as a mirror . enjoying the analogue and intuitive process of working with film and natural light .

my interest arises from curiosity towards the ever shifting contrast of things . field of research is where all senses meet in a point of interaction . the surface between parallel opposites in dialogue . where change reveals itself as a sediment of sensory perception .

physical presence as opposed to the concept of space . specific characteristics as opposed to the concept of connectedness . everyday occurrences as opposed to the concept of time . joining geographical with both cultural and historical layers . merged into the stage of contemporary life .

my aim is to describe this experience like an engaged narrator . capturing reflected fragments of life as a metaphor for transformation . nomadic encounters with an emphasis on visual tactility . relating the subjective to the objective in everyday life . bridging the paradox between romanticism and realism ' .

femke van heugten .

born in 1978 . deurne . the netherlands .

graduated bfa in 2001 . sint joost academy of fine arts and design . breda .